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Converge Medical Technology provides game-changing technology with empowering personalized patient services as part of their supervised physical therapy programs that aim to change people’s lives.



  • Health Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • IoT
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As a firm focused on secure and user-friendly patient experiences, Converge Medical Technology asked VALiNTRY360 to deliver an end-to-end patient record management solution that would:

  • Provide a user-friendly way to enter and track new leads throughout the sales and claims submittal process
  • Manage medical records and monitors customer usage, progress, and satisfaction
  • Deliver robust reporting and analysis
Converge Medical Technology CRM Challenge - VALiNTRY360


VALiNTRY360 built a custom Health Cloud application that:

  • Delivers real-time notifications for leads as they moved through the sales / submittal process
  • Leverages custom objects with workflows to track claims
  • Tracks patient engagement and service to ensure proper recertification
  • Allows health coaches to connect directly with patients and track product usage, progress, and any changes in work capacity
  • Generates audit logs to more efficiently manage inventory nationwide without the need for an ERP connection
  • Tracks analytics for leads, revenue, customer satisfaction, and inventory
Converge Medical Technology CRM Solution - VALiNTRY360


Improved inventory management - VALiNTRY360 copy

Improved inventory management

Greater Insight into Data - VALiNTRY360

Greater insights into data such as leads, revenue, patient engagement, product usage

Direct Patient Connections - VALiNTRY360

Health coaches connect directly to patients and track progress