Leveraging Salesforce Health Cloud for Enhanced Services and Coordination in Mental Health Care

Nov 9, 2023
  • Salesforce Health Cloud


The mental health crisis is one of the world’s most significant concerns. There are increasingly alarming mental health challenges among people, yet there is scarce awareness within the population. Furthermore, there is a shortage of mental health solution providers, making this issue one of the most concerning factors worldwide.

The importance of mental health services has gained significant recognition in recent years, and healthcare organizations are actively seeking innovative solutions to improve care for mental health patients. Salesforce Health Cloud, a comprehensive healthcare CRM platform, offers a unique set of tools and capabilities that can enhance mental health services, streamline patient data, and improve care coordination for individuals in need.

In this blog, we’ll explore how healthcare organizations can leverage Salesforce Health Cloud to make a meaningful difference in mental health care.

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The Problem

The Problem

Mental Health practices face several significant gaps in ensuring access to quality mental health care for low-income patients and patients with limited digital literacy and access to technology.  Incorporating Patient-centered and accountable care is the cornerstone of providing a “hybridized” care model and being able to always offer the right care to all patients when they need it, as often as they need it, and in a way that works for them – in person, via telehealth, or in person in the community.  The ability to achieve this goal and adapt to hundreds (or thousands) of individual patients requires extensive technology, development, process automation, and ease of use for all parties.

Salesforce Health Cloud: a solid solution

Salesforce Health Cloud: a solid solution

Salesforce Health Cloud offers a robust set of functionality that directly translates into tangible and positive impacts on patient care, outcomes, and overall healthcare operations.

  • Comprehensive Patient Profiles for Holistic Care – Salesforce Health Cloud provides a 360-degree view of patients, consolidating their medical, behavioral, and social data into a single profile. For mental health patients, this holistic approach is invaluable. It allows healthcare providers to consider all aspects of a patient’s life that may impact their mental health, leading to more accurate assessments and personalized care plans.
  • Patient Engagement – Increasing engagement for those patients that may have difficulty connecting to routine care by integrating administrative staff into all clinical workflows with specific and actionable tools that allow them to be part of the care process.  Salesforce Health Cloud Integration enables personalized patient engagement through tools like patient portals, texting and telehealth integrations.
  • Enhanced Care Coordination – Mental health care often involves a team of professionals, including psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and primary care physicians. Salesforce Health Cloud facilitates seamless communication and care coordination among these providers. It ensures that everyone involved in a patient’s care has access to the latest information and can collaborate effectively, resulting in more cohesive and patient-centered care.
  • Telehealth Integration for Accessible Care – Building a fully hybrid clinical care model integrating telehealth and in-person access to care points as suits specific patient needs.  Salesforce Health Cloud’s telehealth integration enables mental health providers to conduct virtual consultations with patients, ensuring that care remains accessible, even in remote or underserved areas. This feature is particularly beneficial for individuals who may face barriers to in-person care, such as transportation or stigma.
  • Personalized Treatment Plans – With the ability to capture and analyze patient data, Salesforce Patient Management enables healthcare organizations to create highly personalized treatment plans for mental health patients. Providers can track patient progress, make data-driven adjustments to interventions, and ensure that therapies are tailored to individual needs, ultimately improving treatment outcomes.
  • Data Security and Compliance – Patient data privacy is paramount in mental health care. Salesforce Health Cloud adheres to strict security standards and is HIPAA-compliant, ensuring that sensitive patient information is protected. In addition, adding Salesforce Shield to the configuration helps ensure proper tracking and reporting on improper access to sensitive information.  This instills confidence in patients and providers alike, fostering trust in the system.
  • Remote Patient Monitoring – Salesforce Health Cloud can also support remote patient monitoring for mental health conditions. Through wearable devices and patient-reported data, providers can keep a close eye on their patient’s well-being, identifying potential issues early and intervening when necessary.
  • Analytics for Improved Decision-Making – Incorporating key metrics (e.g., HEDIS/QARR) as key care drivers with clinicians having easy visual access to all relevant data that will help them guide daily practice goals.  The platform’s robust analytics and reporting tools empower healthcare organizations to gain insights into mental health patient populations. These insights can inform resource allocation, identify trends, and aid in developing proactive mental health programs and initiatives.

What makes VALiNTRY360’s Salesforce Health Cloud Solutions the best choice?

What makes VALiNTRY360's Salesforce Health Cloud Solutions the best choice

VALiNTRY360 specializes in providing top-notch Salesforce Health Cloud Solutions, backed by extensive expertise and cutting-edge technology. We excel in delivering solutions tailored to meet our client’s demands and patients’ requirements:

1. Patient-Centric Approach: Our Salesforce Patient Management System is designed to prioritize patient and member outcomes, streamlining processes such as acquisition, enrollment, and service delivery.

2. Comprehensive Services: VALiNTRY360, a renowned US-based service provider, offers a wide range of high-quality services. Our portfolio includes Managed Services, Implementations, Remediations, Accelerators, and Advisory Services, all complementing our core offerings.

3. Exceptional Expertise: Implementing Salesforce Health Cloud successfully demands a team of experts for seamless integration. With our solutions, you gain access to professional guidance that ensures the optimal implementation of Health Cloud Solutions.

4. Industry Impact: Salesforce Health Cloud is a game-changer in the healthcare sector, and VALiNTRY360 leads the way in deploying this cutting-edge CRM platform.”


Mental health care is a critical aspect of healthcare that deserves thoughtful and comprehensive solutions. Salesforce Health Cloud provides healthcare organizations with the tools they need to enhance mental health services, streamline patient data, and improve care coordination for mental health patients. By leveraging its capabilities, healthcare providers can deliver more personalized, accessible, and effective care, ultimately contributing to improved mental health outcomes and a more holistic approach to patient well-being. Salesforce Health Cloud Implementation isn’t just providing a technological platform; it’s a catalyst for positive change in the field of mental health care.

Contact us to discuss the impact we have had with Salesforce Health Cloud in mental health.

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