How Salesforce Health Cloud is Transforming the Healthcare Industry

Aug 2, 2023
  • Salesforce Health Cloud

The Salesforce healthcare industry has undergone significant transformation ever since the adoption of advanced technologies aimed at providing the best care and streamlining operations. Among these revolutionary advancements, Salesforce Health Cloud stands out as a game-changer that has redefined the way healthcare organizations manage their teams and deliver patient care. Emphasizing a strong focus on improving health outcomes and operational efficiency, Salesforce Health Cloud has emerged as a beacon of change for a sector that has long relied on legacy and disjointed systems.

In the pursuit of excellence, healthcare practices have integrated various health software solutions over time. However, it is the Salesforce Health Cloud that has taken the industry one step further in its commitment to enhancing patient care and optimizing administrative workflows. By fostering better work-life balance for healthcare management professionals and ensuring superior outcomes for patients, this innovative platform has truly transformed the landscape of healthcare delivery.

A key aspect that sets Salesforce Health Cloud apart is its ability to strengthen patient-provider relationships and foster trust amongst customers. In this blog, we will explore the manifold ways in which Salesforce Health Cloud has spearheaded a revolution in the healthcare industry, paving the way for a more seamless and patient-centric approach to healthcare management. Join us as we delve into the world of Salesforce Health Cloud and witness how it has become a driving force in reshaping the future of healthcare.

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What is Salesforce Health Cloud?

What is Salesforce Health Cloud?

Salesforce Health Cloud stands at the forefront of revolutionizing the healthcare industry with its groundbreaking patient relationship system. Leveraging the prowess of cloud technology, this cutting-edge platform offers consumers a seamless and personalized healthcare experience through intelligent and connected communication. By integrating cloud technology with social and mobile innovations, Salesforce Health Cloud has crafted an ecosystem that caters to the needs of all stakeholders – be it patients, payers, providers, administrators, or specialists – providing them with real-time access to vital information on any device, at any time.

Specially tailored for clinical settings and adhering to the FHIR standards, Salesforce Health Cloud Service ensures a secure environment where healthcare staff can effortlessly access both clinical and non-clinical data. This integration of crucial data empowers care providers to craft better, personalized healthcare journeys for their patients, fostering stronger relationships and trust.

One of the distinguishing features of Salesforce Health Cloud is its multi-channel and multi-device communication capabilities, enabling efficient and effective interactions with patients. This not only enhances patient engagement but also strengthens patient-provider relationships, leading to improved health outcomes and consumer satisfaction.

Furthermore, Salesforce Health Cloud equips healthcare organizations with predictive and actionable insights derived from data analysis. These insights allow proactive and data-driven decision-making, enabling care providers to address patient needs before they escalate. Consequently, this approach results in better health outcomes and a heightened level of patient satisfaction.

Salesforce Health Cloud has emerged as a powerful and secure platform, transforming the healthcare landscape by offering personalized care journeys, enhancing patient-provider interactions, and empowering healthcare providers with actionable data-driven insights. With Salesforce Health Cloud, the future of healthcare has become more patient-centric, seamless, and efficient than ever before.

Key features of Salesforce Health Cloud

Key features of Salesforce Health Cloud

In this blog, we’ve discussed the Salesforce Health Cloud, what it is and why it is so necessary. Enlisted here are some of the key features of Salesforce Health Cloud that makes it a suitable choice for investors across the healthcare industry:

1 to 1 Customer Handling

It specializes in providing one to one customer relationship engagement, allowing healthcare organizations to provide individualized care and address specific patient needs effectively.

Care Coordination

Salesforce Health Cloud streamlines care coordination, among healthcare teams and providers, thus encouraging efficient workflows and improved patient outcomes.

Custom Mobile Apps

The platform enables the development of custom mobile applications, empowering patients to access essential healthcare services conveniently on their mobile devices.

Contact Center & Home Health

Salesforce Health Cloud facilitates seamless communication between contact centers and home health services, ensuring a continuous flow of information and support.

Patient and Member Engagement

By engaging patients and members through personalized communication, healthcare organizations can enhance patient satisfaction and loyalty.

Utilization Management

Optimize resource allocation and utilization with the utilization management feature of Salesforce Health Cloud, leading to greater efficiency in healthcare operations.

Patient Data Models

The platform employs robust patient data models to consolidate essential information and provide a comprehensive view of each patient's healthcare journey.

EHR & Claim Integration

By integrating with Electronic Health Records (EHR) and claim systems, Salesforce Health Cloud ensures a seamless exchange of critical healthcare data.

Clinical Analytics

Leverage the power of data-driven insights to make informed decisions and enhance the quality of care provided.

Provider Relationship Management

Strengthen relationships with healthcare providers through effective management tools and real-time insights.

Customized & Secured Patient Community

Create secure patient communities to foster engagement, support, and collaboration among patients and healthcare professionals.

Care Provider Locator

Assist patients in locating suitable care providers, improving accessibility to healthcare services.

What makes Salesforce Health Cloud so unique?

What makes Salesforce Health Cloud so unique?

Salesforce Health Cloud serves as a comprehensive Electronic Health Record (EHR) system, representing a patient’s chart in a digital format. EHRs are dynamic and patient-centric records management solutions that ensure secure and real-time access to authorized stakeholders.

Unlike traditional EHR software lacking customization options or third-party integrations, the integration of EHR with Salesforce can significantly transform a patient’s healthcare journey.

Functioning as a secure platform, Health Cloud facilitates seamless retrieval of both medical and non-clinical health records. By providing actionable forecasts to promptly and efficiently address patients’ needs, it enhances healthcare delivery, resulting in improved patient outcomes and reduced readmissions.

How can Salesforce Health Cloud benefit the HealthCare industry?

How can Salesforce Health Cloud benefit the HealthCare industry?

Empowering the Healthcare Team

Salesforce Health Cloud revolutionizes patient care by enabling personalized connections across the healthcare network. It facilitates seamless communication through various channels and integrates crucial data like Electronic Health Records (EHR), treatment plans, and patient preferences to provide a comprehensive view of each patient’s healthcare journey. This empowerment fosters better patient experiences and improves overall health outcomes.

Quality Healthcare Journey

Health Cloud ensures a smooth and personalized healthcare journey for patients, from acquisition and onboarding to engagement and retention. By offering tailored services and personalized care, it establishes lasting patient relationships and enhances patient satisfaction, a crucial aspect for building trust and loyalty among members of leading insurance plans.

Streamlined Patient Engagement

Salesforce Health Cloud simplifies patient engagement by providing a unified action platform that connects people, data, and processes. Whether it’s registering patients or implementing therapy-specific services at scale, the platform streamlines processes, reduces complexity, accelerates innovation, and boosts the impact of patient support programs.

Enhancing Care Quality with a Unified Digital Platform

Health Cloud enhances care quality by linking sales, business operations, and patient services units with critical data and actionable insights. By streamlining commercial processes and improving patient connections, healthcare organizations can provide care more efficiently and personally.

Advancing Healthcare Momentum through Care Plans

Salesforce Health Cloud offers Care Plans, which provide healthcare teams with patient records and health progress data. These plans can be personalized and offered through various channels like health apps or websites. Care Plans offer a range of benefits, such as patient therapy, financial assistance, and wellness programs, aiming to improve care and support patient well-being.

Health Cloud Insurance

Salesforce Health Cloud introduces Health Cloud Insurance, tailored to payer-specific data models. It supports common data objects used in claims payment operations by health plans. The integration with multiple payment systems is particularly powerful for health plans serving various payment systems due to amalgamations. This feature allows a comprehensive view of members and offers advanced workflow management for streamlined payer engagement.

How Salesforce HealthCloud uses EHR to digitally transform the HealthCare Industry?

How Salesforce HealthCloud uses EHR to digitally transform

Salesforce HealthCloud, being an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system, is equipped with advanced technology, making it an ideal tool for transforming the healthcare industry. Its capabilities can be harnessed in the following ways:

Install Health Cloud

Organizations can start implementing Health Cloud services by installing the Health Cloud package. The installation process includes setting up Health Cloud, integrating data, and ensuring privacy protection.

Build a Healthcare Team

Health Cloud aims to enable healthcare teams to collaborate more efficiently, know patients more deeply, and establish 1-to-1 connections throughout the entire care journey. The patient creation process depends on how the organization integrates back-end systems like EHR with Health Cloud, with two methods available for making patients.

Timeline View in Health Cloud

The Health Cloud Timeline View displays all the time events of a patient. Configurations allow attaching various events to the timeline by exposing fields on standard objects and choosing icons to describe the data. Filters can be applied to determine which events appear on the timeline and define the timeline configuration.

Patient Creation

In Health Cloud, each patient begins as a candidate for services, represented by a CandidatePatient__c record. Upon switching, the patient creation process generates an account and contact representing the patient, a case describing the care plan, and a care team associated with the care plan coordinator and patient contact. The candidate patient record is linked between the EHR system and Health Cloud using the medical record number.

Future Enhancements and Pricing

Salesforce’s investment in the Healthcare and Life Sciences industry, including the acquisition of Mulesoft, ensures that future enhancements are on the horizon. Health Cloud pricing starts at $300.00 per month, per user, with a free trial available.


In a rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, innovation and patient-centricity are the keys to success. Salesforce Health Cloud has emerged as a transformative solution that is revolutionizing the healthcare industry. At VALiNTRY360, we are proud to advocate for the adoption of Salesforce Health Cloud, recognizing the profound impact it can have on healthcare entities, providers, payers, and pharma companies alike.

Through Health Cloud’s innovative features like Care Plans and Timeline View, healthcare organizations gain deeper insights into patient progress and can effectively manage care coordination. The integration with Electronic Health Records (EHR) and the secure Health Cloud Insurance feature further enhance the platform’s capabilities, offering a unified digital platform for healthcare operations.

Salesforce’s commitment to advancing the healthcare industry is evident in its continuous investment in resources and strategic acquisitions. As the future unfolds, Health Cloud remains poised to lead the charge in innovation, with the promise of even more enhancements on the horizon.

Salesforce Health Cloud is more than just a technology platform; it is a catalyst for positive change in the healthcare domain. By investing in this transformative solution, your organization can unlock the full potential of patient-centric care, drive improved patient outcomes, and shape a brighter future for the healthcare industry

Join us on this transformative journey and embrace the power of Salesforce Health Cloud to lead the way in delivering top-notch healthcare experiences that make a lasting impact on the lives of countless individuals. At VALiNTRY360, we are here to guide and support you every step of the way as you navigate the dynamic healthcare landscape with confidence and success. Together, let’s transform the healthcare industry and create a healthier, happier future for all.