Introducing Two-Way Video for Deeper Patient Engagement in Salesforce Health Cloud

Jan 26, 2024
  • Salesforce Health Cloud

Innovation and a touch of humanity creates empathy, consideration, and quality. The healthcare industry is one area where customers, who are the patients, find their satisfaction and comfort imperative and quintessential. AI and technology are being leveraged in almost every inch of every industry and they also play a huge role in healthcare. VALiNTRY360 understands healthcare technology and despite the prevalence of video chats in our personal lives, we are seeing a huge impact from using “Two-Way Video” to transcend traditional patient-provider interactions. 

Salesforce Health Cloud has way more to offer than just being a patient management platform; it also includes two-way video functionality integrated into the system, fostering real-time, face-to-face communication between healthcare providers and their patients. This post explores the exciting functionality of the two-way video feature of Salesforce Health Cloud and provides a more comprehensive idea of what it is and how it is used. 

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Understanding Two-Way Video for Salesforce Health Cloud

Understanding Two-Way Video for Salesforce Health Cloud

Two-Way Video for Salesforce Health Cloud is a groundbreaking feature that was unveiled by Salesforce in 2016 to enhance patient engagement and communication within the healthcare industry. This innovative solution enables real-time, face-to-face interactions between healthcare providers and their patients, transcending traditional patient-provider interactions. 

Understanding the Features and Functionality of Two-Way Video in Health Cloud

A. Seamless Integration with Health Cloud Platform

  • has enhanced its Health Cloud patient management platform with two-way video chats for patients and caregivers, offering a seamlessly integrated solution.
  • The Health Cloud platform unites teams around patients, providing shared data and automated tools for improved growth and cost reduction.

B. Patient-Provider Communication and Collaboration Tools

  • Health Cloud reinvents care coordination by offering care coordinators a consolidated view of critical patient records, facilitating collaborative and connected patient care.
  • The platform extends benefits by enabling direct communication between providers and patients through two-way video chats.

C. Accessibility and Ease of Use for Patients and Healthcare Providers

  • Salesforce’s telehealth solution within Health Cloud enhances patient engagement with accessible two-way video chats, providing a user-friendly experience for patients and healthcare providers.

Importance of Deeper Patient Engagement through Two-Way Video

Importance of Deeper Patient Engagement through Two-Way Video

A. Facilitating Remote Consultations and Follow-ups

  • Virtual visits enable 1:1 engagement between healthcare providers and patients, promoting seamless online interactions stored on the cloud. 

  • Remote consultations can reduce waiting times, making healthcare more accessible and efficient, comparable to in-person visits. 

B. Increasing Patient Satisfaction and Accessibility to Healthcare Services

  • Patient satisfaction is a critical metric for evaluating the quality of healthcare services, and deeper engagement contributes to heightened satisfaction levels. 

  • Two-way video communication enhances accessibility to healthcare, making it more convenient for patients to connect with providers and access services remotely. 

C. Improving Health Outcomes and Treatment Adherence

  • Deeper patient engagement, facilitated by two-way video, can positively impact health outcomes by fostering better communication between healthcare providers and patients. 

  • Enhanced patient-provider interaction contributes to improved treatment adherence, addressing barriers to adherence such as knowledge gaps and communication challenges.

How Two-Way Video Enhances Patient-Centric Care in Health Cloud

A. Enabling Personalized Care Plans and Consultations:

1.Healthcare providers can conduct real-time, face-to-face consultations with patients, fostering a personalized approach to care.

  2. The feature facilitates collaborative care planning, allowing different providers and specialists to share information and create tailored care plans for individual patients.

B. Reducing Barriers to Healthcare Access for Patients:

Two-way video breaks geographical barriers, enabling remote patients to access healthcare services without needing physical presence.

2. Patients experience improved accessibility to healthcare professionals, leading to timely interventions and reduced healthcare disparities

C. Promoting Continuous Monitoring and Support:

Two-way video enables continuous monitoring of patient's health conditions through virtual check-ins and follow-up consultations.

2. Healthcare providers can offer ongoing support, enhancing patient engagement and adherence to treatment plans.

Best Practices for Effective Utilization of Two-Way Video in Health Cloud

Best Practices for Effective Utilization of Two-Way Video in Health Cloud

A. Planning and Assessing Organizational Readiness

  • Begin by thoroughly assessing the organization’s infrastructure, ensuring compatibility with Salesforce Health Cloud’s video capabilities. 

  • Identify key stakeholders, define goals, and assess the readiness of both healthcare providers and patients for incorporating two-way video into their workflows.

B. Technical Integration and Customization

  • Seamlessly integrate the two-way video feature into the existing Salesforce Health Cloud platform, leveraging Salesforce’s Discovery Framework for enhanced convenience. 

  • Customize the technical aspects to meet specific organizational requirements, ensuring a smooth and tailored user experience for providers and patients. 

C. Training and Adoption Strategies for Healthcare Providers and Patients

  • Develop comprehensive training programs for healthcare providers to ensure proficiency using the two-way video feature within Salesforce Health Cloud. 

  • Implement patient education initiatives to promote awareness and adoption, offering resources and support to transition to video-enabled healthcare services seamlessly. 


In conclusion, Two-Way Video in Salesforce Health Cloud enhances patient engagement and care delivery. By leveraging it for patient engagement, the platform fosters a more connected and accessible healthcare experience, allowing patients to interact seamlessly with their providers. This strengthens the patient-provider relationship and empowers individuals to participate actively in their care journey. Two-Way Video is a great step towards advancing patient-centric care. The technology enables personalized and real-time interactions, enhancing communication and understanding between providers and patients. As healthcare moves towards a more patient-focused approach, embracing Two-Way Video in Salesforce Health Cloud could be a cornerstone in delivering holistic and effective care, ultimately improving overall healthcare outcomes. 

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