Case Study: Quantros

A healthcare software firm improved its B2B awards program with Pardot.
Case Study: Quantros

INDUSTRY:  Healthcare

Quantros is a leading provider of software-based solutions and services to healthcare. They provide hospitals, health systems, as well as purchasers of health care with better insights to enable better healthcare. Quantros offers a robust portfolio of solutions that can be fully integrated and custom-configured to help healthcare organizations efficiently capture information and insights for assessing and improving the quality and safety of patient care.

GO LIVE DATE: May 2019



Quantros offers the CareChex Awards, a comprehensive grading and scoring system for Hospitals and Health Systems throughout the USA. VALiNTRY360 was tasked with helping Quantros develop and execute a strategy that would:

SEDT needed a solution that:

  • 1. Contact over 1500 CareChex award winners individually to notify them of their award and offer logo licensing options
  • 2. Increase sales of award logo licenses
  • 3. Improve overall user experience, especially mobile



VALiNTRY360 was able to determine that a new Pardot implementation instead of maintaining or modifying their existing Marketo product was the correct approach to address the challenges Quantros faced.

This implementation provided the customer the ability to:

  • 1. Create specific Pardot forms to gauge customer interest of awards across multiple personas
  • 2. Add respondents to a drip campaign for regular updates on award release and results

VALiNTRY360 created customer success by:

  • 1. Leveraging dynamic content, conditional Handlebar Markup Language (HML), and custom Pardot fields to create an individualized experience for each winner
  • 2.Update the customer’s website CSS and HTML to provide an improved user experience on mobile.


With Pardot implemented and the Shopify AppExchange app integrated, Quantros was able to successfully build an amazing 2019 awards program with improved efficiency, engagement, and revenue. Results included:

Pardot conversions to website conversions
Increased revenue versus prior year


  • 1. Hundreds of hours cold calling and direct emailing were spared due to the automated nature of using the Dynamic Content and conditional HML
  • 2. Impressive open rates and engagement
  • 3. All engagement activity is tracked, scored, shared with sales, and can be used for follow up sales throughout the year and for the 2021 award season

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