Case Study: Ravago

Chemical Manufacturer & Distributor Sees a New Revenue Stream Bubble Up with Marketing Cloud

As a leading distributor of chemicals and ingredients for fermentation, cleaning, sanitization, soap making, and food production, Ravago’s products are essential and indispensable in people’s lives.


  • 1. Marketing Cloud
GO LIVE DATE: May 2019



Ravago identified a potential new revenue stream through direct to consumer sales (chemicals for independent soap and bath bomb makers/home businesses), but didn’t have the infrastructure in place to effectively engage the potential customer base. To be successful, this new business model required:

  • 1. Methods to engage existing customers and attract new customers
  • 2. The ability to segment customers appropriately
  • 3. Tools to dynamically communicate with customers throughout the entire customer journey



VALiNTRY360 was able to help Ravago achieve success by:

  • 1. Completely overhauling the client’s existing Marketing Cloud instance
  • 2. Reengineering the existing data architecture and automations
  • 3. Creating custom landing pages/cloud pages
  • 4. Developing a customer loyalty program
  • 5. Reordering the existing customer journey, adding anniversary journeys, abandoned cart journeys and other dynamic communications
  • 6. Implementing a text messaging program to engage their online community


new revenue recorded in first 3 months

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