Salesforce Managed Services: How Do They Help Businesses Achieve Their Goals

Aug 1, 2023
  • Salesforce Managed Services

Did you know that the majority of companies use Salesforce Customer Relationship Management to combat the heavy competitive environment in the business world?

Yes, even though it is very significant yet with a cloud-based CRM platform, businesses can only engage with their customers, or can at maximum automate processes to drive growth.

What the CRM platform truly lacks, is the ability to manage the Sales Force. Hence, the question that pops into our minds is what about managing and optimizing the Salesforce businesses? Who’s taking care of that?
Don’t worry We’ve got the solution here: the Salesforce Managed Services.
In order to manage and maximize Salesforce, businesses require the Salesforce Managed Services.

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What is Salesforce Managed Services?

What is Salesforce Managed Services?

It is obvious from the title, that the key function of Salesforce Managed Service is to manage the salesforce of the business.
But Salesforce Managed Services work beyond that too, these services constitute a holistic and proactive approach to optimize Salesforce CRM performance and also safeguard it against potential system challenges. This comprehensive suite of activities is meticulously designed to uphold the seamless operation of the Salesforce ecosystem and preempt any disruptions that could interrupt the business operations.

We at VALiNTRY360 provide you with the  Salesforce Managed Services that encompass a diverse spectrum of activities, ranging from system updates, performance optimization, and data integrity checks to user support, training, and continuous improvement. 

As your dedicated consultant of Salesforce excellence, VALiNTRY360 adopts industry’s best practices and provides worthy expertise to keep your CRM finely tuned, secure, and adaptable to the metamorphosing market landscape.

What is included in the Salesforce Managed Services?


The key features of this service bring in a number of advantages to the company. Salesforce Managed Services providers offer a plethora of helpful services to businesses, here are the key activities that is included in Salesforce Managed Services:


At VALiNTRy 360, the Salesforce Managed Services experts analyze the business processes and accordingly develop strategies that include tricks and tips to make the best of your Salesforce, further understanding your business needs, and creating customized solutions for long-term success.

Custom Development and Implementation

Our experts create personalized Salesforce solutions to meet the specific, unique business requirements, ranging across different businesses and industries. This includes setting up Salesforce features like custom objects, workflows, reports, and integrations with other systems.

Support and Training

It provides ongoing support and training to help users to resolve issues, training them on the new features, and guiding best practices for your businesses’ growth and accomplishments.

Integration services

It helps you connect the Salesforce with other systems like marketing automation, accounting, and HR software. This will help businesses, boost their work efficiency and generate better results.

Data Migration and Management

They also assist in moving data from other systems to Salesforce and ensuring data accuracy and relevance within the platform.


They continually maintain and manage your Salesforce platform for efficient operation. This includes tasks like user management, security, data management, and system optimization.

Benefits of Salesforce Managed Services

Benefits of Salesforce Managed Services

VALiNTRY360 implements a very unique strategy to curate and recognize the perks of investing on the salesforce managed service. By following the reviews and feedback from our promising customers, we’ve prepared a list of reasons why Managed Services in Salesforce is a highly worthwhile endeavor.
Let’s find out how it can significantly enhance your Salesforce experience and ultimately benefit your business:

Better Return of Investment at a Cost-Effective Price

Salesforce Managed Services offer cost-efficient pricing for projects or services, ensuring the best return on investment (RoI). Something that businesses know the best is that Salesforce Managed Services is one of the most valuable investments for their business, trespassing across different technologies, and hence providing several significant advantages for businesses, and because of its appreciable return on investment, it makes a very good choice for the business investors.

Expert Management for Better Results

With our dedicated team focusing on your businesses’ CRM platform, even the slightest of issues affecting business growth are brought to light and addressed right away, hence implementing ideal management standards, improved data quality, sales performance, and an enhanced customer experience.

Improved Data Quality and Convenience

As apprised earlier, Managed Services provides reviews and advice that helps in enhancing data quality, and allowing businesses to make informed decisions conveniently.

Better Results Even with Less IT Team Manpower

Choosing Salesforce Managed Services reduces the pressure for hiring IT professionals, hence saving costs and eliminating in-house management hassles, because the centralized platform of Managed Services constantly monitors the IT network and provides key insights. Further, providing relief from Recruitment and Retention issues.

Access to Tons of Business Benefits

Experts strategically maximize corporate workflows through personalized dashboards, automated workflows, data migration, and real-time reports, hence resulting in improved speed, performance, and overall impact on business processes.

Adherence to Global and Regional Compliance Standards

Salesforce Managed Services ensure CRM compliance with the latest guidelines on both global and regional levels, safeguarding businesses from penalties and legal actions.

Here are the 5 compelling reasons why your business should invest on Salesforce Managed Services

Here are the 5 compelling reasons why your business should invest on Salesforce Managed Services
Better Performance and Stability

Salesforce Managed Services ensures the overall performance and stability of your Salesforce by proactively monitoring the system’s health, identifying potential issues, and taking preventive actions, further minimizing downtime and providing an effective user experience.

Guidance and Support

With Managed Services, a group of experienced professionals specializing in Salesforce administration and customization will assist you with their valuable guidance, best practices, and ongoing support, hence helping you to maximize the potential of your Salesforce investment.

Customization and Scalability

It also provides the feature of customization of Salesforce to benefit the unique business requirements. As the company grows, it assists in scaling the Salesforce to accommodate increased users, data volume, and complexity.

Data Security and Compliance

Salesforce Managed Services prioritize data security and compliance with industry regulations like GDPR and CCPA. Providers implement strict security measures, data backups, and timely security patches to safeguard your valuable information.

Cost Optimization

Outsourcing Sales Force management through VALiNTRY360’s Salesforce Managed Services can significantly optimize costs as it eliminates upfront investments in infrastructure, licenses, and training for an in-house team, resulting in long-term savings.

Considering Salesforce Managed Services for your business?

Considering Salesforce Managed Services for your business?

Now that we’ve explained the multiple benefits and perks of Salesforce Managed Services, you might actually consider this for your business. But how do you know if your business even needs a Salesforce Managed Service, or not?
Worry not, here are some signs to consider before investing in Managed Service:

Inefficient Salesforce Maintenance

If your current Salesforce administrator struggles to efficiently manage your Salesforce instances, then Salesforce Managed Service is the right choice for your company, which can provide you the necessary support.

Unpredictable IT Costs

If your IT costs are skyrocketing, and you find it challenging to estimate monthly expenses, then opting for Managed Services can provide cost predictability and better financial control, making cost management smoother and benefiting your business.

Focus on Strategic Growth

As your business grows, it becomes vital to focus on strategic initiatives rather than being bogged down by administrative tasks. Salesforce Managed Services allows you to concentrate on growth while experts handle your Salesforce platform.

Data Security Concerns

If you are apprehended that your team is unprepared for potential phishing attacks and lacks effective data management practices, then Managed Services can strengthen your data security and gift you a safe and sound sleep!

Micromanaging Internal Team

If you find yourself spending your precious company time micromanaging your in-house team, preventing you from focusing on essential sales and marketing activities, Salesforce Managed Services is the door to knock!

In a Nutshell

Here’s a quick recap of everything we’ve discussed so far:
Salesforce Managed Services Provides:

Salesforce managed Services for your business? Consider these factors first: