7 Myths About Salesforce Development Services

May 31, 2024
  • Salesforce Development Services

In today’s business world competition is tough and customer expectations have become somewhat demanding.  As companies look at what can be done to compete in this new world they are assessing ways they can move from their old practices to new strategies of growth.  They are also considering how technology can be used to provide value in this transition.  Whether they use Salesforce or not, these organizations need Salesforce development services that can streamline operations so that they can grow sustainably and improve customer relationships. However, there is a lot of misunderstanding concerning the capabilities of Salesforce as well as the value of working with a vendor who can provide development services to institute the changes needed. This article by VALiNTRY360 aims at breaking various myths and give you an idea about how your business can be empowered with Salesforce Development Services. 

By explaining the common misunderstandings regarding Salesforce, we will show you its real potential. For instance, this blog post will unveil how firms including VALiNTRY360 use salesforce development services across different industries and sizes of businesses to deliver scalable, efficient and secure applications that deliver more than 3x in ROI. This ultimate guide will demonstrate ways in which salesforce could be customized for any business model thereby unlocking new age efficiencies, innovation as well as competitive advantages in all divisions.


Myth 1: Salesforce is Only for Tracking Sales

It is a misconception that Salesforce is only limited to tracking sales activities.  Any Salesforce cloud, when properly configured, is a powerful tool for managing all functional business units for a company including interactions with customers, marketing, sales, customer service, and analytics to name a few. It does not end there; its flexibility enables organizations to achieve a 360-degree view of every customer, streamline communications and make data-driven decisions. This is possible through the customization of the platform using Salesforce development services that go beyond basic sales features. Consequently, businesses can fully exploit functions like Salesforce Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, Health Cloud,  Marketing Cloud or any other Salesforce Cloud depending on the  particular business requirements.  One other important note is the clouds can be run in conjunction with each other and each cloud does contain functionality from another cloud based on the need of the functional area.

Myth 2: Salesforce Can't Support the Needs of My Industry

Many businesses also believe that Salesforce cannot serve their industries, such as healthcare services, finance, manufacturing, or even non-profit organizations. They miss out on the big picture!  Salesforce offers various industry-specific solutions with pre-built features that align with specific industry standards. For example, healthcare professionals can leverage Salesforce Health Cloud, a popular system designed for patient relationship management that can integrate well with any EMR or operate independently if needed. To further extend the value,, advanced configuration can be applied using Salesforce development services. By adjusting functionalities, workflows, and interfaces, Salesforce can be tailored to meet any specific needs and operations within an industry. 

Myth 3: My Business Process is Too Unique for Salesforce Development Services

A major concern for businesses is that Salesforce’s approach is “one-size-fits-all” and may not accommodate their unique processes. This misunderstanding undermines the true power of Salesforce! Salesforce empowers businesses by enabling them to build and customize applications through a configuration-driven approach, minimizing the need for extensive coding. This user-friendly method allows for rapid development and deployment, making it accessible for non-developers to tailor solutions that meet their specific business needs, thereby enhancing efficiency and agility. For complex issues, mostly with integrations there are strong tools such as Apex and Visualforce in the platform with a robust development environment in place to allow high customization levels. Moreover, the drag-and-drop features of Lightning Platform make it easy to create interactive UIs tailored to specific business processes. Salesforce development services like those offered by VALiNTRY360 are there to ensure that no matter how complex a process might be, nobody should be left behind as far as improvement and optimization are concerned.

Myth 4: Need a Dedicated Team for Salesforce Management

Myth 4: Need a Dedicated Team for Salesforce Management

Managing Salesforce does not mean you should hire a large, on-site team as many people think.  In fact, with the Salesforce configuration tools hiring dedicated staff is not a requirement.  This myth tends to scare away small and medium-sized business enterprises (SMBs). Salesforce is designed for ease-of-use purposes. It comes with an intuitive interface plus detailed documentation hence even people who lack substantial technical know-how can perform fundamental configurations and daily operations. Besides, there is a huge Salesforce community where the required skills can be accessed. 

The advantage of partnering with VALiNTRY360 as a trusted Salesforce Development Services provider you spend less time and money gaining true business value.  As a partner VALiNTRY360 is made up of certified consultants who are constantly in training and seeing other customer solutions so we can offer value by understanding the full capabilities of the product and using best practices as a guide to deliver your solution. This leaves your staff in a position to leverage the tool and focus on your business results. Streamlining processes, automating tasks or providing ongoing support makes partners take the burden off your staff members’ shoulders. 

Myth 5: Only a Good Fit for Large-Sized Businesses

Salesforce is believed by many to be only for big businesses because of its robustness. Yet, this misunderstanding does not account for the flexibility of the Salesforce product. Since the product out of the box can get an organization up and running quickly the ease at which further configurations can be made to drive efficiency, scalability and security take minimal effort.  This  makes it possible for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to get into the game at a relatively low cost, offering them key CRM functionalities. In other words, Salesforce can scale as your business increases.  Salesforce development services are specifically designed to adapt the system to the unique needs of any company from start-ups to SMEs so that these companies could benefit from its efficiency without any extra complexity and costs. 

Myth 6: Salesforce Automation Limits Creativity

Ironically, some people believe that salesforce automation kills creativity. Critics assert that standardizing workflows stifles human inventiveness; however, this is not the case. As such, automating processes through Salesforce development services encourages creativity. This technology frees human effort from routine tasks allowing employees greater productivity. This enables teams to concentrate on strategic projects requiring non-traditional ideas including:

  • Innovation in Marketing: Generating new marketing campaigns and strategies.
  • Strategy for Customer Engagement: Designing personalized outreach methods promoting deeper connections with clients.
  • Crafting Unique Customer Experiences: Customizing interaction with individual customers.
  • Providing customers access: Configuring a user interface through a portal that leverages the code data model of the internal application is very powerful in creating more self service and delight to the client while lowering staffing costs associated with client support.
  • Automations eliminate waste:  By configuring automations of redundant business processes or manual work can have substantial impact on expenses and deliver consistency in dealing with customers.
  • AI based interactions:  Leveraging Salesforce AI and Data Cloud can increase the creativity by providing easy access to the entire dataset of a customer interaction and allow your staff to be creative in how they evaluate and position a message for a customer segment.

Salesforce aids creative thinking by removing menial duties thus enabling teams to focus on aspects essential for driving growth – strategic thinking and innovative solutions.

Myth 7: Salesforce does not work well with other applications

Salesforce does not work well with other applications

Salesforce seamlessly integrates with a wide array of vendor applications, creating a cohesive ecosystem that enhances its functionality and adaptability. Its AppExchange marketplace further amplifies this capability by offering a vast selection of third-party apps designed to work harmoniously with Salesforce. These apps, developed by certified partners, address diverse business needs such as specific functional solutions,  marketing automation, data analytics, customer service, and more. This extensive interoperability and the rich ecosystem of AppExchange solutions provide businesses with the flexibility to customize and extend their Salesforce environment, ensuring they can effectively meet their unique operational requirements and drive value across their organization. 

In Summary

In conclusion, debunking the myths surrounding Salesforce reveals its true potential as a transformative tool for businesses of any size and industry. Far from being overly complex or limited to large enterprises, Salesforce offers a scalable, user-friendly platform that can be tailored to meet diverse business needs. Its robust configuration options, seamless integration capabilities, and the expansive AppExchange marketplace ensure that companies can enhance their operations, streamline processes, and drive growth. By dispelling these misconceptions, it becomes clear that Salesforce delivers significant value, empowering organizations to achieve greater efficiency, improved customer relationships, and sustained competitive advantage.

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