Meeting the Digital Transformation Needs of Businesses Across the U.S.

VALiNTRY360 understands that Salesforce success begins with the right people in the right seats.

Our results-focused approach, leverages technology, and our Salesforce expertise to discover the best pre-qualified, U.S.-based Salesforce talent. Whether you’re looking for permanent teams to manage and grow your Salesforce infrastructure, consultants that can assist with Salesforce migrations and implementations, or temporary staff to assist with a short term development project, VALiNTRY360 has you covered.

Direct Hire

Direct hire or direct placement means the staffing firm works to find, qualify, and deliver permanent Salesforce staff members on behalf of their client. Usually full-time positions with benefits, direct hire can occasionally be part-time positions, as well. The benefits to selecting Direct Hire candidates for your Salesforce staffing needs are:

  • Faster on-boarding process
  • Typically attracts stronger talent
  • More cost-effective

I’m located in a different state so all my contact with them has been over the phone/email but that has never been a problem. They are always very prompt to reply and helpful in getting timely answers. I would certainly recommend them to anybody looking for an agency to sign on with.

VALiNTRY360 consultant

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Contract Placement

A contract-to-hire placement requires less up-front commitment from the client. The candidate works for a specified period and the staffing agency takes responsibility for the candidate’s payroll and benefits. The benefits to selecting Contract-to-Hire candidates for your Salesforce staffing needs are:

  • Evaluate skills prior to a direct hire
  • Minimize or eliminate the costs of benefits
  • Flexible contract timelines