Meeting the Digital Transformation Needs of Businesses Across the U.S.

The backlog of canceled procedures and the resulting revenue losses experienced by Healthcare providers across the country is too great for traditional analog methods to solve. This new normal has demonstrated the need for a technology solution that provides care coordination/prioritization, dynamic automated marketing, and robust analytics to help recover and grow that revenue quickly by

* Automating the identification and prioritization of lost patients with the greatest needs

* Creating scalable personalized patient communications as they prepare for their procedures

* Driving a streamlined intake process to ensure patient care is delivered quickly and efficiently

Introducing the

Accelerate Revenue Recovery Solution

from VALiNTRY360!

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Do More with Less


Find and Prioritize the Patients with the Greatest Need

Launch a full clinical review of backlogged procedures and organize patients by acuity and surgical utilization then develop patient queues based on multiple dimensions such as clinical, financial, the likelihood of abandonment, and more.


Stay Connected Throughout the Patient Journey

Keep patients engaged with a customizable, multichannel journey to guide them through every step of the experience from pre-op instructions to post-op follow up and watch your patient satisfaction scores soar.


Leverage Technology to Drive Improved Efficiency and Revenue

Whether you have a full-fledged call center or a small patient relations team, optimize your existing system or establish new digital processes to ensure the right steps are taken and revenues are captured efficiently while mitigating risk.

Why VALiNTRY360?

As your Outcomes Partner of Choice, VALiNTRY360 understands the need for healthcare providers to balance the need to provide urgent care to COVID-19 patients with the necessity of conducting elective procedures that are vital to your bottom line. Our team of consultants has over 150 years of experience delivering 100% U.S.-based, HIPAA certified healthcare solutions and we are ready to assist hospitals in getting back on their feet.

Ready to start recovering lost revenue?

We can help you achieve your revenue recovery goals with a secure, scalable, cloud-based patient success platform that equips your team with 360-degree views to deliver personalized and collaborative experiences.

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