Daryl Dixon

CEO & Co-Founder

Talent & Technology Solutions

  • University: Washington Adventist University
  • Favorite Vacation Destination: Florida
  • Dream Vacation Destination: French Polynesia, Society Islands
  • Favorite Sports Team: Green Bay Packers
  • Favorite Movie: The Sting
  • First car: VW
  • iPhone or Android: iPhone
  • Favorite Mobile App: Pandora
  • Favorite Salesforce Mascot: Saasy
  • Worst Job: School Janitor

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About Daryl

Daryl is an experienced business executive, entrepreneur, leader, and manager who operates with a high degree of integrity and loyalty. He embraces relationships with employees and clients with respect and a high sense of value.

He spent the first 20 years of his career in corporate America, and the last 20 years as an independent entrepreneur.

Daryl founded VALiNTRY Services (his second bootstrapped startup) in 2013 following the successful start-up and sale of Reflectx Services to Maxim Healthcare in 2007. As the CEO of VALiNTRY, he has led an organization that has received multiple awards for growth, innovation, and workplace excellence from the likes of Deloitte, Inc. Magazine, and American Business Journals among others. He believes in supporting clients with an unyielding standard of integrity, quality, and results, supported by a technology-based work environment where employees can create and enjoy success.

Daryl’s favorite parts of his role are coaching, teaching and facilitating the development of new managers in how to problem solve, and make strong “people decisions” using critical thinking skills, supported by the latest available technology. Outside of work, Daryl is a devoted son, brother, father and husband.

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