Meeting the Digital Transformation Needs of Businesses Across the U.S.

Does this sound familiar?

  • Your sales teams are working harder than ever but with diminishing returns. The harder they push to drive more sales the worse the results get.
  • Customers have started to show signs of dissatisfaction with the level of service they receive from your company, but you don’t know how to significantly improve it.
  • You’ve tried new tactics to find new, high value customers but you’ve only seen fleeting results.
  • You’re constantly stuck in a game of whack-a-mole where everyone has a suggestion on where to spend more energy and money (marketing, sales, operations, etc.) but you’re not sure what to fix first given your limited resources so you end up with band-aid solutions everywhere.

Bottom line: No matter what you seem to do, you feel stuck.

Sounds like you’ve hit a performance plateau that you can’t seem to rise above and you’re wondering how do you supercharge your business to reach the next level.

Like most business leaders you’ve probably become obsessed with tactics. Things like looking for new tricks to wring more hours from the day, build new skills in your existing team, develop new ad campaigns, and increase efficiency with a seemingly random collection of technologies that don’t really talk to each other.

It’s a continual rinse and repeat that feels more like quicksand than rocket fuel.

Adding a revolving door of consulting firms and other vendors is only making it worse.

  • Ad agencies recommend rebranding and a large ad spend.
  • Consulting firms recommend you reduce overhead and measure the generic KPI of the moment.
  • Technology vendors will sell you on the latest SaaS miracle technology then leave you to figure out how to use and maintain it.

Yet, there doesn’t seem to be a quick fix and the one size fits all, out-of-the-box solutions are too onerous or expensive to even think about implementing.

Every vendor can provide a laundry list of bullet points on their website touting why they are the perfect solution for what ails you. From case studies to G2 reviews, they will give you plenty of reasons to exclusively engage their services.

As a decision maker or decision influencer, you’ve been desensitized to these claims and sales pitches to the point that you have a hard time just getting started in the review process.

So, you put off doing the research because other priorities (see whack-a-mole game above) come up and the business remains stagnant.

Sure, you might end up making minor adjustments that eek out a 1% – 5% improvement in revenue while your competitors are growing at 30%+ a year. It’s time to stop trying to put a band-aid on a sucking chest wound and focus on the bigger picture of how you can create long-term growth.

That bigger picture is the fact that to truly futureproof and grow your company, you need to digitally transform it in a way that stays true to its unique needs, industry, and culture while also being agile enough to adapt and scale.

Digital Transformation isn’t the wave of the future, Digital Transformation IS the future.

Like it or not, the analog processes and approaches of business are a thing of the past. But the goals of greater efficiency, higher profits, and better customer experiences are eternal.

That’s why to stay competitive (much less achieve these goals) you need to digitally transform your business.

Many see digital transformation as adding some new software to an internal process or building a mobile app for customers. These can be part of the solution but to be truly effective , digital transformation is about shifting your organization’s processes and tools to create greater transparency, adaptability, usability, and profitability.

And that future is driven by exceeding your customers’ expectations.

Advancements in mobile technology and cloud computing have created a seismic shift in users’ expectations for how businesses should deliver products and services. Internal and external customers no longer accept arduous processes and analog systems as an acceptable status quo.

They’re choosing to work for and do business with firms that understand digital technology’s power to remove bottlenecks, streamline experiences, and deliver greater value.

Digital Transformation will shift your business from focusing on pushing customers through your systems and your sales funnel and instead allowing the consumer to drive your processes while ensuring your business can quickly and efficiently meet their needs.

This means they’ll be happier and so will your bottom line.

The experience a company provides is as important as its product or services

Experience Graphic - VALiNTRY360

SOURCE: State of the Connected Customer 4th Edition (Salesforce 2020)

But that’s only for B2C businesses. B2B firms don’t have to worry about customer experience, right?

Wrong! In fact, business buyers are just as likely to expect digital and engaging experiences because, at the end of the day, they are also consumers. Research shows that sales reps fall short of buyers’ expectations by failing to show they understand the customer’s unique situation and focusing on off-the-shelf products versus customized solutions.

85% of business business buyers expect sales reps to demonstrate a firm understanding of their business

Two-thirds of business buyers expect sales reps to develop solutions rather than pitch products

A majority of business buyers expect to have a trusted advisor relationship with sales reps

Screen Shot 2021-05-27 at 11.21.09 AM

SOURCE: State of the Connected Customer 4th Edition (Salesforce 2020)

Digitally transforming your business allows you to connect with your customers, personalize solutions, and build trust with them so that you become their solution of choice.

Ok, digital transformation is important, but it still sounds costly in terms of budget and time.

“every dollar a company spends on CRM, it gets back $8.71”

Yes, you read that right. $8.71 is returned on every $1.00 spent. This massive ROI comes from increased pipelines, automation efficiencies in marketing, sales, and operations, and more!

And digital transformation doesn’t have to mean completely tearing down and redesigning your entire business AND all its processes at once. The beauty of digital transformation is that it can occur incrementally. At a pace you set. This allows you to see results sooner and have one success fund the next instead of trying to figure out how to pay for a massive capital expense all at once.

Because digital transformation isn’t solved by something you buy, install and use – it’s cultivated by the unique set of tools, processes and systems that you implement, evolve, and grow.

How Can We Help?

At VALiNTRY360, we don’t subscribe to the one size fits all, out-of-the-box mantra. We know that your business is unique and needs its own tailored approach.

In the medical field, there is a saying, “Prescription without diagnosis is malpractice.”

This concept is central to how we work. Just as you wouldn’t expect a doctor to give you pills without even asking what your symptoms are, we don’t make suggestions on how to digitally transform your business without UNDERSTANDING your business first.

To ensure that you get the service and support you need, we help clients with:

Salesforce Advisory Services – Not sure how to implement Salesforce? Already have Salesforce but feel like it could be doing more? These are just some of the challenges our Salesforce Advisors tackle every day.

Salesforce Accelerators – Want to avoid a lengthy scope of work or a drawn out project but still need to show greater ROI and quicker success? Our Salesforce Accelerator Programs can help!

Salesforce Implementations – Our holistic Salesforce implementation approach ensures that your Salesforce environment and applications tie seamlessly into your business processes.

Salesforce Remediation – Ensure that your Salesforce applications and environment are evolving in alignment with your customers, processes, and Salesforce’s platform capabilities.

Salesforce Managed Services – Going live isn’t the destination, it’s a stop along the journey. Our Salesforce consultants can help you manage, monitor, optimize, and enhance your platform for scalable growth.

Imagine working with consultants and vendors who care as much about improving YOUR business as they do about their own. We employ only 100% U.S.-based talent and you’ll work directly with the same team throughout the digital transformation process. This is what truly makes VALiNTRY360 different than other digital transformation firms.

And it’s why our customers see such dramatic ROI results no matter their industry or size.