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INDUSTRY: Manufacturing / Semiconductors
SOLUTIONS: Service Cloud and Experience Cloud

Founded in 2010, TELINK SEMICONDUCTOR (Shanghai) CO, LTD has subsidiaries and offices in California, Shenzhen, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. The company is dedicated to the development of highly integrated low power radio-frequency and mixed-signal system chips for Internet of Things (IoT) applications serving numerous markets including smart lighting, home automation, smart city, and other consumer electronics markets.


GO LIVE DATE: October 2019


Telink, a growing global semiconductor manufacturer faced the following challenges:

  • No direct ability to track, manage, or support their partner re-sellers or distributors pipeline


  • No ability to provide their premier customers with the ability to submit, collaborate, and track high-priority tickets


  • No ability to connect their inbound requests for support from customers to Sales data
Telink Connected Products


To address the challenges faced by Telink, VALiNTRY implemented the following:

  • A Partner Community Cloud portal for Telink to collaborate, support, and measure each of their partners and distributors pipelines


  • A Customer Community that allowed Telink’s premier customers access to a password protected and secured environment to submit cases, and follow content topics


  • Service Cloud to begin to support tickets brought in by customers and partners
Telink connected partner community



Telink Incremental pipeline

in Incremental Partner Pipeline


  • Created a full 360-degree view of the customer from prospecting to sale to installation and support


  • Developed a system to enable real-time collaboration between customers and internal Telink employees on cases


  • Ensured that there was no competition between their internal sales team and partners / distributors through a custom deal registration system