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Kroger Prescription Plans (KPP) provides innovative clinical programs focused on engagement, choice, and cost savings.


GO LIVE DATE: Mid 2019


  • Salesforce Service Cloud
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As one of the nation’s largest specialty pharmacies operating over 2200 locations across the United States, KPP was looking to mitigate revenue leakage in its sales operations, sales effectiveness, clinical operations, and contract management practices due to a lack of:

  • Insight into sales performance, customer attrition, and retention rates
  • Consistent sales process to maintain existing margins or drive new revenue
  • Understanding of their contracting lifecycle and renewals
  • Additionally, there was a need for
  • Standardized tools and processes for new client onboarding amongst commercial and labor lines of business
  • A scalable CRM to manage customer interactions, pipeline visibility, or internal collaboration
Eliminating Revenue Leakage Challenge - VALiNTRY360


VALiNTRY360 helped Kroger Prescription Plans address these challenges with Salesforce’s Service Cloud which:

  • Enabled dashboards for the executive team to leverage sales analytics for performance management
  • Automated the contract renewal lifecycle to increase the speed of the renewal process
  • Integrated sales and clinical operation processes by leveraging cases, milestones, and automations for new client onboarding
  • Created and implemented a new sales process for the various business lines
Eliminating Revenue Leakage Solution - VALiNTRY360


14 percent Improvement in renewals 2- VALiNTRY360

increase in renewal rates with automated renewal process

4 months saved in the Sales Cycle - VALiNTY360

in the sales cycle


  • Sales effectiveness process led to an increased in pipeline growth by 60%
  • Increased win rate by 4% by leveraging sales analytics
  • Increase visibility into customer attrition and retention rate