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TrialSpark is a healthcare technology company focused on assisting clinical trials to set up sites in existing physicians practices in order to create access for the vast majority of patients in the U.S. that would otherwise not have access to clinical trials.



  • Salesforce Service Cloud
  • Salesforce Shield
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud
TrialSpark VALiNTRY360 Case Study


As a well-funded technology startup, TrialSpark found their internal systems needed a digital transformation due to the inability to:

  • Manage high volumes of support cases or the influx of new subjects for clinical trials and studies
  • Visualize the patient enrollment pipeline of new studies
  • Route clinical trial caseloads to the appropriate research coordinator or clinical support agent
  • Integrate with their cloud-based telephony platform and the internal operational application
  • Escalate patient support to a clinician or physician for review
  • Keep patients informed of the various milestones of their clinical trial or next steps
  • Deliver public FAQs based on specific clinical trials
Improving Patient Operations Challenge - VALiNTRY360


VALiNTRY360 helped TrialSpark overcome these challenges by:

  • Deploying Service Cloud and Shield to manage in the influx of patient enrollments while integrating the platform with the internal operation application
  • Setting up various work queues to support numerous stages of the clinical trials
  • Using Omnichannel to route work to the appropriate clinical support agent based on queue availability
  • Integrating AWS Connect with Service Cloud to create a seamless experience for the support agents when receiving inbound or placing outbound calls
  • Deploying a public-facing community for clinical trial subjects with the ability to self-services using study-specific Knowledge articles and case deflection features
  • Creating a flow to support the escalation path based on specific study criteria to route to the appropriate clinician
  • Creating reports and dashboards to isolate the patient experience of the studies, identify enrollment volumes, and measure the SLA of the clinical support agents
  • Connecting Service Cloud with Marketing Cloud to create a clinical study experience and journey with triggered emails/SMS based on the patients engagement in the study
Improving Patient Operations Solution - VALiNTRY360


85 Percent Patient Engagement - VALiNTRY360

overall patient engagement in first month of new trial deployment

Down 77 percent - VALiNTRY360

reduction in time to resolve study-related support tickets


  • Ability to scale clinical trial support model across a remote workforce in less than 1 day (with training, documentation, and internal support)
  • Increased visibility into the enrollment process of the clinical trial
  • Reduced time to enroll from 24 hours to 4 hours