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A national blended health organization, Highmark Health and its divisions support millions of customers with products, services and solutions closely aligned to a mission of creating remarkable health experiences, freeing people to be their best.



  • Sales Cloud
  • Tableau
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Highmark Health approached VALiNTRY360 to develop and provide a digital transformation solution that:

  • Handled ideas being generated from its 35,000 employees
  • Would speed up repetitive processes and manage the complex financial data model
  • Allowed Executives to view, create and track ideas generated by themselves and team members in one central database
  • Provided a way to visualize and report on data
All American Solar CRM Challenge - VALiNTRY360


VALiNTRY360 delivered a Sales Cloud solution that:

  • Tracked ideas generated via Campaigns and Opportunities.
  • Enhanced complex flows with customized Lightning Components
  • Provided custom designed report types to match the data model and integration with Tableau for visual representation.
All American Solar CRM Solution - VALiNTRY360


300 Executive level users - VALiNTRY360

Increase in quarterly growth YOY sales growth after implementation

360 degree project view - VALiNTRY360

Easier and more efficient opportunities and sales metrics reporting

Paul Shatlock, Highmark Health - VALiNTRY360

Switching from a code-first approach to a configuration-based deployment decreased the complexity and increased our ability to support the thinkUP project.

Paul Shatlock
Director of CRM