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Northeast U.S.-based urgent care centers focused on ramping up for seasonal increases in traffic due to flu season. 


GO LIVE DATE: Mid 2019


  • Service Cloud
  • Marketing Cloud
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As a regional urgent care provider in one of the country’s largest population centers, our client was looking to plan and manage asset utilization to address that:

  • Procurement controls were non-existent resulting in poor vendor management and contracting performance
  • SG&A functions had too many roles and layers
  • Productivity and labor management were inconsistent and non-standardized across the organization
  • Operations were not structured in a way that would scale
  • Back office functions were located in high-cost areas
  • The organization was significantly overstaffed due to cultural expectations of only hiring full-time employees
  • No significant patient acquisition strategy or roadmap to drive new patients to existing or new centers
  • Inconsistent sales process related to occupational health services
  • Lack of referral network expansion process to drive existing patients to ancillary services
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Thanks to VALiNTRY360’s successful implementation of Salesforce’s Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud, the customer was able to:

  • Create and standardize an operating model for each urgent care facility to manage patient intake and record management
  • Leverage Service Cloud and queue-based routing to manage after-hour calls to the contact center and to route calls to either a nurse or physician-on-call
  • Create tools and processes with Service Cloud to support the sales organization for network expansion
  • Deploy marketing automation on Marketing Cloud to drive awareness to new patients in areas outside of current network
Improving Asset Utilization SOLUTION - VALiNTRY360


Improving Asset Utilization RESULTS - VALiNTRY360

25% reduction in manual processes leading to significant span of control cost improvements


  • Average weekly revenue increased 14%
  • Increased daily average foot traffic by 20% across existing facilities