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3 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Salesforce Staffing Agency

UPDATED November 2021


Why hire a Salesforce staffing agency to fill a role when there are so many free resources available? Has your boss asked you this question? Have you asked it of yourself? Sure, we get it. There’s job boards, social media, networking events and other methods to help you fill those empty boxes on your org chart. And each of them plays a role in helping you do just that. So when it comes to the hard-to-fill roles, specifically Salesforce roles, don’t settle for going at it alone. Salesforce recruiting firms, like VALiNTRY360, can help you solve your toughest hiring challenges without wasting your budget or your bandwidth. Here are 3 reasons why you should hire a Salesforce Staffing Agency:

Reason 1: You need to hire them 3 weeks ago

Time is the one of the biggest issues clients face when recruiting Salesforce certified talent. According to SHRM, the average time to hire in 2017 was 36 days with some taking as many as 45 days. A tighter labor market in 2018 typically means more than 36 days to hire the right person for an open Salesforce position. Managing the process yourself will definitely put you past 45 days given your other duties. VALiNTRY360 maintains a pipeline of qualified candidates. That means we can typically deliver a list of qualified candidates to you within 48 hours. This pipeline also includes passive candidates who are happy in their current roles but would be willing to move for the right opportunity (e.g. yours). Those candidates aren’t found on any job board and won’t be broadcasting their search at a networking event.

Reason 2: You only want the best

Everyone wants the best possible candidate and that makes the competition for them fierce. Sure, you can sometimes hire below the requirements and train the candidate to fit your exact need. But when it’s a must that your new hire hit the ground running, you need to make sure they can actually do what they talk about in the interview. A great Salesforce recruiting partner, like VALiNTRY360, can help you sift through all the trailheads, certifications, badges and other programming languages on a candidate’s resume to learn the exact level of expertise they have. VALiNTRY360’s existing pipeline allows us to screen the best candidates in advance to understand their skillsets and deliver only ones that fit your requirements AND your culture.

Reason 3: You want to save money

Sure, paying a recruiter can seem expensive versus all the free tools available out there. But when you add up all the hidden costs of your time and productivity, hiring a Salesforce staffing agency will definitely save you money in the long run. So ensure your processes are streamlined to make it easy to lock in the best talent before your competition does. A great Salesforce recruiting partner, like VALiNTRY360, works to understand your culture and your business.  This means we can have candidates pre-screened, pre-qualified, and pre-sold on the role and in your queue within 48 hours.

What are you waiting for?

Salesforce is the world’s #1 CRM and its popularity is still growing. With a tight national labor market, the competition for the limited number of qualified Salesforce staff is extremely fierce. That’s why you need VALiNTRY360 to assist with all your Salesforce recruiting. From our pre-qualifed candidate pipeline to our hands-on experience as a Salesforce® Registered Consulting Partner, we know which candidates have the skills to do the job and the personalities to fit your culture.

So find out how a great Salesforce recruitment partner can help solve your toughest hiring challenges! Contact us today to learn more.

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